Global Reselling Operations

Kaufwerk is the resales-specialist for overstocks, B-grade goods and customer returns from OEM’s, retailers and etailers.

Your job is production and retail. There is a manufacturing surplus, you are accumulating overstocks , untested returns are piling high – all this keeps you from concentrating on your core business and blocks resources better used earning a profit.

We tackle these problems for you.

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Kaufwerk GmbH

Einharting 12 • D-83567 Unterreit

Tel:  +49 (0)8638  95197-0
Fax: +49 (0)8638  95197-29

What’s more: We do it quietly below the line. We strictly honor your sales restrictions, because the protection of your key markets, your customer base and your pricing is mission critical. You want to get rid of a problem not create a new one.

You can rely on a team of professionals with an excellent academic education, a longstanding track record in international sales and management positions and with multilingual communication skills in German, English, French, Spanish and Hungarian.