Our business

We concentrate on overstocks and returns from the areas of white goods (Fridges, washing machines etc.), Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics (LCD-TV, Home Cinema Systems, Blu-Ray etc.). We frequently add special offers from other areas like tools, cosmetics and furniture.

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Kaufwerk GmbH

Einharting 12 • D-83567 Unterreit

Tel:  +49 (0)8638  95197-0
Fax: +49 (0)8638  95197-29


Quality grades

A-Grade: New  product in sealed OEM-Packaging

B-Grade: Full functionality, but might have minor scratches or dents. Original packaging might be damaged. In some cases accessories like cable or manuals might be missing. The manufacturer’s warranty is void but our customers get a 14-days guarantee on the full functionality of all items.

C-Grade: Untested customer returns, which might have been used, might be damaged or have parts and accessories missing. These items are sold without any warranty or guarantee.