Tested and Untested Returns

The breathtaking speed of nowadays retail sales pushes  the revenue and shortens the turnover of your stock. Every re- and e-tailer knows the downside, a rising mount of customer returns. Re-selling the items in your own shop is not an option since you don’t  know what’s wrong with the product. Is it simply box-damage or used, even broken?

Kaufwerk specializes in turn-key-solutions for the complete reverse logistics cycle. On the spot deals will give you a short term break but can’t address the basic costs of handling and administration. We can manage every building block of the full process for you, starting with the delivery of the returns from the customer, diligent inventory, grading to final re-sales.


Retouren und B-Ware Tested and Untested Returns Retouren und B-Ware 


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